B2 Intermediate – B2 Upper

Be Intermediate-B2 Upper

B2-Intermediate to B2-Upper

In this course you will develop yourself from B1-Intermediate to B2-Upper level. You will learn reading, listening, speaking and writing about complex and actual topics like climate-change, economy and philosophy. You also learn how to interpret information from graphs.

We teach using the Delft method. It was developed 25 years ago by the Delft University of Technology and is very successful. The classes are for 90% conversation practice.


Practical information:

You will be taught in groups of 4-8 people and you will get a lot of individual assistance.

Duration: 32 hours/ 2 hours per class

Price: 350 euro (+ 75 euro for the book and online course). In this course we study chapters 8-15 of the book  “Derde Ronde”. If you purchased this book for the B1-Upper B2-Intermediate course you can use it for this course too.

Look here for a demo of the course material.

Doing homework is part of the course.