A2 – B1 Intermediate


Live online classroom course: A2 to B1 Intermediate

Live Classroom Courses are 90 minute online classes by Google Meet supported by a digital platform.. It is an interactive way to learn Dutch. The groups will not exceed four people to ensure that everyone has a good learning experience. The lessons mainly consist of practising the speaking skills, but in the course you naturally develop all your language skills (listening, reading, writing and speaking). This way of studying is really successful and a great alternative to traditional classroom lessons.

This course

In the A2-B1 Intermediate course you will start to understand, speak and read Dutch on a more independent level.

In 21 different lessons you will learn about the Dutch Royal family but also about how to find suitable accommodation. You will also learn how to conduct a good discussion and how to express your opinion and ideas well. The lessons are filled with information about every aspect of Dutch society and with many new words and grammar explanations; in short, with a wealth of knowledge and skills that you need to function well in the Netherlands.

During the lessons you will receive practical instructions and you will work in small groups, in pairs or with your teacher on assignments and your homework. You develop your speaking, reading, writing and listening skills up to B1-Intermediate level.

The teachers.

Our teachers are always experienced and well-trained professionals. They understand your individual learning needs and style and motivate and guide you in the learning process. Their goal is to teach you all the practical Dutch language skills you need to live and work in the Netherlands. There is an open and friendly atmosphere in all our classes and students work closely with the teacher.

The result

After completing the course, you can:

This course is the first part of the B1 level. After completing the full B1 upper course, you can:

Listening Reading Speaking Writing
You can understand the main points when people speak clearly. You can understand familiar things that regularly come back like work, school, travelling and leisure.  You can understand texts about everyday or work-related matters. You can understand the descriptions of events, wishes and feelings. When travelling, you can communicate about all necessary matters. You can participate in most unprepared daily conversations. You can write a simple coherent text and write personal letters describing your experiences and impressions.

Practical information.

We use the Delftse Methode books where all new words you have to learn have been translated into 27 languages.

To make the most progress, it is necessary to do homework for about 2-3 hours a week. The teacher will monitor your progress and discuss this with you.

Duration: 8 weeks / 16 lessons of 1.5 hours / twice a week.

Group size: maximum 4 students

Study program: Chapter 1-21 of the book “Second Round” by Boom publishers.

Price: 280 euros (excluding book). You can also use this book for the B1-Intermediate B1-Upper course. Click here for a demo of the online course material. To start your course, you can order the book by clicking here.

What is my level?

If you are not sure what your current level is, you can make an appointment to take a level test. Our teachers will discuss the result with you and advise you which course is most suitable. For this you can contact us here.


All students who have attended at least 80% of the classes receive a certificate.