A0 – A1


Live online classroom courses

Live Classroom Courses are 90 minute online classes by Google Meet supported by a digital platform. It is an interactive way of learning Dutch. The groups will not be larger than four people to make sure that everybody gets a good learning experience. The classes are full of conversation and instruction and having a digital communication platform really helps to improve your writing and accelerates your learning. This way of studying is really successful and a great alternative to traditional classroom lessons. 

The book is specifically designed for self-study because it includes translations of all the words on A0-A1 and A1-A2 level in 26 languages. Please take a look at the material here. This material also includes grammar points. And many different ways of practicing and testing the language you have just learned. 

This course.

In the A0-A1 course you will learn how to understand, speak and read Dutch on an elementary level.

The subjects are learning how to introduce yourself, talking about personal interests and giving personal information, asking and giving directions, the weather, numbers, telling the time, shopping and other practical things.

Your classes.

During your classes, you will get practical instructions and you will work in small groups, in pairs or with your teacher on assignments and your homework. You will develop your speaking, reading, writing and listening until A1 level.

The teachers.

Our teachers are always experienced and trained professionals. They understand your individual learning needs and style and they motivate and guide you in the learning process. Their aim is to teach you all the practical Dutch language skills you need to live and work in The Netherlands. There is an open and friendly atmosphere in all our classes and students work together under close supervision from the teacher.

The result.

After completing the course, you can:

Listening Reading Speaking Writing
You can recognize familiar words and very basic phrases about your immediate surroundings when people speak slowly and clearly. You can understand familiar names, words and very simple sentences on notices, posters and in catalogues. You can use simple phrases and sentences to describe whre you live and people that you know. You can interact with other people in a simple way. You can write a short, simple postcard. You can fill in forms with personal details like a registration form for a hotel for example.

Practical Information.

We teach using the book “Delft Method”. You can study easily without any previous knowledge of Dutch.

To improve the most, you will have to do about 2-3 hours of homework per week. The teacher will monitor your progress and discusses this with you.


Regular: 8 weeks/16 classes of 1.5 hours/two times per week.

Intensive: 4 weeks/16 classes of 1.5 hours/four times per week.

Group size:  maximum 4 students

What is my level?

If you are not sure on which level you have to study you can make an appointment to do a placement test. Our teachers will discuss the result and advise you on the best course. Please contact us here.


All students that have attended at least 80% of the classes will receive a certificate.