Online Dutch courses:

COVID-19: As long as the measures against the coronavirus are still in place, we will continue to host our classes in virtual classrooms.

– Intensive Dutch Courses

Levels:  A0-A1 and A1 – A2 click

Dutch course in Utrecht A0 - A1

Regular Courses

– Level: A0 – A1 click

dutch course Utrecht - beginners A0 - A1

– Level: A1 – A2 click


– Level: A2 to B1 Intermediate click

study-dutch-utrecht A2 - B1 Intermediate

– Level: B1 Intermediate – B1 Upper click


– Level: B1 Upper – B2 Intermediate click

Dutch Delft method in Utrecht B1 upper B2 Intermediate

– Level: B2 Intermediate – B2 Upper click

Be Intermediate-B2 Upper course in Utrecht Netherlands